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Essential Training on the Latest Radiology Equipment

If you're looking to get your medical facility's technologists trained on the state-of-the-art radiology equipment, choose SFG IMAGING. As of 2000, SFG has performed more than 50,000 hours of applications training with over 50 companies nationwide. 

With our qualified professionals, you'll not only get essential training for your staff, but also you'll also have it at half the price of what our competitors charge!

More About the Equipment We Work With

SFG IMAGING offers applications on all General Electric (GE) CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) scanners, this includes the GE Optima, Revolution, QXI, QXI Plus, QXI Ultra, ZXI, NXI, LXI, FXI, DXI, CTI, Hi-Speed Advantage, ProSpeed SX, ProSpeed Plus, Hi-Light Advantage. The options include Smart View, Smart Prep, Smart Scan, Smart mA, and MPR. 

Training is also offered on Phillips Brilliance, Sensation, Siemens Sensation, Toshiba Aquillion, Samsung, and Hitachi CT.

We can also provide applications on GE Advantage Workstations (ADW 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) and GE MRI scanners Signa 5x (1.0 Tesla and 1.5 Tesla), SignaLx 1.5 Tesla. Applications for all types of ultrasound equipment are also available.

Our company has experience with CT simulators for radiation therapy and lap lasers. We're continually growing our network of professionals that can offer applications on all GE CAT, MRI scanners, Seimens, and Picker equipment, most ultrasound equipment, as well as SMV and Phillips nuclear medicine equipment. 

We're approved for CEUs (Continuing Education Units), too. To our knowledge, this is not offered by any other private company. 

We offer 8 category 'A' points for 3 days of training. Applications are also available for new and refurbished equipment.

To learn more about our capabilities or for a FREE consultation, please contact us today at scott@sfgimaging.com or shelly@sfgimaging.com.
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Cardiac Scoring and Cardiac CTA with training on Workstations

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Nationally located, SFG IMAGING meets your radiology education needs by bringing the training directly to your facility, benefiting your staff by working on your equipment in your environment, and at up to 50% SAVINGS compared to our major competitors!
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